Mindfulness for Teens

Mindfulness Meditation Helps Teens Learn...

To relax. To know the difference between actually experiencing life and being on autopilot. To offer kindness and acceptance to oneself. To connect with thoughts and feelings. To pause before automatically reacting to a situation.

SIMS sponsors two complementary teen activities that help teens learn mindfulness meditation.

Teen Mindfulness Meditation Class (TMMC)

Every spring and fall, SIMS offers a 4-week Teen Mindfulness Meditation Class.  This 4-week class provides teens with a foundation in secular mindfulness meditation: learning to focus attention on the breath and the body to ground oneself,  to recognize the difference between being lost in thought and actually experiencing life, to offer kindness and acceptance to oneself, and to respond with awareness to challenging situations. Several mindfulness movement practices will be introduced along with optional homework.

If you're interested or would like to know more please contact Anna Ossenfort at anna@seattleinsight.org

Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme) – Another Opportunity for Teens

The iBme Teen Retreat provides a fun, transformative environment for young people ages 15-19 to experience mindfulness meditation, mindful movement, and community in an atmosphere of acceptance, support and kindness.  For more information, go to http://ibme.info/retreats/teens

SIMS helps support the annual iBme Pacific Northwest summer teen retreat through scholarship aid and staff volunteers from the SIMS community.